Design services

Solid up-to-date expertise from a broad range of industries and skilled designers form the foundation for our high-quality services.

Knowledge combined with skill

Our skilled designers are experienced in a wide variety of industries. They can apply that experience confidently to new designs.

Therefore, we deliver modern solutions that have already been tested in practice, which guarantees you a high-quality solution.

Our design services

  • Automation design
  • Electrical design
  • System design

Automation design

Esys has strong, up-to-date knowledge of the design and commissioning of production-line automation for diverse industries, demonstrated by long-term customer relationships.

Technology evolves quickly, which is why, in addition to having a strong foundation in the models utilised in traditional automation design, Esys has mastered the application of modern software technology. This further strengthens our broad-based approach to design work in numerous fields. We excel in several branches of industry, with extensive experience in the food industry being among our trump cards for market confidence.

Nearly all of the systems we deliver are linked to remote monitoring through the Internet. This enables quick and cost-efficient tweaks and warranty work, without a need to travel anywhere.

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